Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

We use a Sio2 and graphene infused coating. This professional grade hybrid coating was created in the quest for a paint protective solution that incurred no compromise. The revolutionary coating boasts extreme levels of elemental protection & chemical resistance. It can help mitigate light swirling & scratching through its unique friction eliminating surface structure. While the coating creates a hardened sacrificial layer, this is not the underlying factor that helps mitigate swirls which a lot of companies misconstrue.

With the addition of diamond powder the coating has a much stronger bond to the surface, also allowing it to last up to 5 years!

Don’t just view this product as a paint protective solution, the coating creates a fantastic reflective layer that visually transforms the paintwork. Shades of grey become darker, colours become more vibrant and metallic & pearls are enhanced.

We provide a limited 5 year warranty that protects against the failure of the coating.


Resists Against ENVIRONMENTAL Contamination

Ceramic Coating helps resist damaging environmental fallout such as Bird Poo, Bug Splatter, Tar, Tree Sap and other harmful contaminants.

Enhanced SHINE

Ceramic coating also adds additional gloss to your paint work to make it look like new for many years to come.

Better Cleaning

Ceramic coating features a slick hydrophobic effect, meaning any dirt and grime on your vehicle is easily released.

Glossy Wet Look FINISH

Ceramic coating features a high gloss finish, the unique Ceramic Nanotechnology coating acts as an additional layer of clear coat giving your car a deep, glossy shine.